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Stay Creative Deskmats

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“Ideas swim around in the pond of the internet, and sometimes we get swept by the wave of burnouts as we fish for inspiration.”


In light of the stresses of life, the Stay Creative deskmats remain on your desk to remind you of what’s most important. A wonderfully unique and personal design, these deskmats feature six inspired colorways to fit just about any desk setup, with extremely thick and high-quality manufacturing to bring an extra layer of depth to your keyboard's sound. 

  • Canvas: the original, light mode
  • Sleeper: for those who thrive at night
  • Gilded: everything sunny and yellow
  • Floosh: pink while you ink
  • Patina: earthy and dynamic
  • Basin: sleek and mysterious
  • Extra large (XL) size, 900x400mm (~35.4 x 15.7 inches) with 5mm thickness
  • Anti-fray stitched edges
  • High quality cloth top and rubber anti-slip bottom 


Sold and shipped by Vala Supply.

Designed by Stellaidoscope →.

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