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Refund & Return Policy

We have a small customer support team so we appreciate your patience.
If your request follows the guidelines detailed below it will be processed as quickly as possible.
You will be updated either through a manual response or with an order modification email.


If you initiate a chargeback to your bank or credit card company for a transaction made to us for a pre-order item claiming the product has not been received, WE WILL CONTEST THE CHARGEBACK. You may be liable for a chargeback fee and the transaction will be reinstated in full. Before doing a chargeback, please read below as you can always request a hassle-free refund with at worst a small fee. If your card was used fraudulently, please contact us and we can provide a full refund if there is evidence of the order being fraudulent.

Refund Deadline

Orders older than 180 days cannot be refunded by any means. Cancellation requests must be submitted at least a week before this deadline in order to be honored.

In Stock order cancellations

If you want to cancel your in-stock order, please contact us before your order is shipped. We will provide a refund as soon as possible.

However, we cannot provide refunds if your in-stock order has already shipped.

Group buy order cancellations

If the group buy is still on-going, your refund request must be submitted within three (3) days before the group buy end date.

In the case of limited quantity group buys, order cancellations may be subject to a fee of up to 8%.

Pre-order cancellations

Refund requests for pre-order items must be submitted within fourteen (14) days of your order being placed.

We cannot provide refunds if your pre-order item has already shipped.

Cancellation Fees

All order cancellations may be subject to a cancellation fee of up to 3%.

Order cancellations requested outside of the guidelines above (e.g. after the group buy period has closed, or more than 14 days after pre-ordering) are only eligible for full refunds, and may be subject to a cancellation fee of up to 8%. As stated above, orders older than 180 days cannot be refunded by any means.

Return Policy

All returns may be subject to a restocking fee of up to 5%.

Returns are only provided if evidence is given of the wrong product being received, or evidence given of a defective product beyond reasonable manufacturing error.

To request a refund or return, you can either:
    • Reply to your order email detailing your request,
      • or
    • Email us at (include your order number #)

Please always be as specific as possible. Make sure to include all relevant information to your request in order to help speed up processing time.