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Group Buy & Pre-order Policy

What is a Group Buy?

A Group Buy (GB) is a type of pre-order for a product before it has been manufactured. A GB is usually open for several weeks. At some point after the group buy end date, typically within a week, vendors place the order with the manufacturer.

What is a Pre-Order?

The term "pre-order" is used when referring to extra product ("Extras") purchased by Vala Supply to sell after the group buy period has ended. This allows people who missed out on the group buy to have a chance at purchasing the product without being subject to exorbitant aftermarket pricing. To account for the opportunity cost of holding this extra inventory, Extras are typically priced higher than the group buy price.


In the case of group buys, once the group buy period ends, the product order is placed. Then, according to the estimated timeline, the products are manufactured and shipped Vala Supply. Once we receive the products fulfillment will begin and you will be notified of your order being shipped.

Combining group buy and pre-order items

If you purchase multiple group buy and/or pre-order items in the same order we will ship them together when all items are available. You can pay for shipping separately if Vala Supply receives an item earlier than another.


The end product may vary in color from either renders or real photos of product prototypes. The estimated date of delivery is subject to change. Delays and setbacks may occur and we will try our best to communicate them.

By purchasing a group buy or pre-order product you agree to the terms laid out above.