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Shipping Policy

We have a very small fulfillment team so we appreciate your patience.

Shipping Address Requirements

The shipping address used at checkout must be 35 characters or less (per line), and must be entirely in the Latin (aka English) alphabet. Orders cannot be shipped unless the shipping address is in accordance with these requirements. In the event that your shipping address does not meet these requirements, we will contact you and request a new shipping address.

Note that addresses in certain locations may not be deliverable due to current geopolitical events. (e.g. Israel, Ukraine, Russia) We recommend customers in affected countries use an alternate address to improve deliverability.

Shipping Method

The shipping method used when your order is shipped will be chosen by our team according to the price & estimated shipping time at the time that your shipping label is printed. We will always keep in mind what the customer has paid for & the original desired shipping method, but reserve the right to utilize a different shipping method if the situation calls for it.

Courier Services

Orders placed using USPS as the courier service will usually be fulfilled from our warehouse the fastest, as they visit us multiple times per week for pick-ups. Orders placed using UPS / DHL / FedEx for shipping may take up to 1-2 business days longer to fulfill as our team must drop them off at their respective post offices manually.