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Paragon Keyboard

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In stock! Limited quantities available.

Check out Alexotos' build video for the Paragon!  


From the designers — Our intent was to design a seamless, substantial, and symmetrical 75% with a rotary encoder. The weight pays homage to our roots with the San Francisco skyline. After 1.5 years, we're happy to bring this to group buy.


A gorgeous symmetrical layout and sturdy design are certain to elevate your typing experience to the next level. With an almost entirely metal construction and hotswap PCB this keyboard will bring long-lasting quality and enhanced feel to your setup. A custom programmable rotary encoder with metal knob adds another layer of functionality through analog input. Combined with an efficient space saving 75% layout, the Paragon truly lives up to its name as being the paragon of custom mechanical keyboards.


    The chosen color is for both the top and bottom of the case.

    • E-White
    • Black
    • Deep Navy
    • Gunmetal
    • Purple
    • Aluminum case body
    • Brass weight with a gold or silver PVD-finish featuring an engraving of the San Francisco skyline
    • 1.5mm Black-anodized Aluminum or PC plate, supports ANSI and ISO
    • 18mm diameter brass knob with a gold or silver PVD finish (custom artisan knobs also offered by KeyLabs Keycaps on the addons page)
    • 7 degree typing angle
    • Complete poron and silicone gasket mount featuring revamped internals and Keebwerk proprietary adhesive gaskets
    • German engineering
    • 575 units were sold world-wide during the GB
    • Paragon sound test - GMK keycaps, MX Browns →
    • Paragon sound test - SA keycaps, MX Blacks →
    • The Hotswap PCB supports the following:
      • Normal and Stepped Caps Lock
      • Normal and Split Backspace
      • Bottom Row: 1.25u 1.25u 1.25u 6.25u 1.5u 1.5u
      • Bottom Row: 1.5u 1.5u 7u 1.5u 1.5u
    • The Solder PCB supports the following:
      • Normal and Stepped Caps Lock
      • Normal and Split Backspace
      • Split Spacebar Bottom Row: 1.25u 1.25u 1.25u 2.25u 1.25u 2.75u 1.5u 1.5u
      • Bottom Row: 1.25u 1.25u 1.25u 6.25u 1.5u 1.5u
      The PCB firmware for the Paragons is set to work out of the box, but to change the layout or reprogram the keyboard you will need to flash the PCB again.
    • If your left Alt key is not working, it is because the default layout needs to be changed by flashing the PCB.
    • Please go to this link for fresh flashing files (there is one set for VIA and one set for Vial, as well as instructions). If you need more help, please join the Paragon designers' Discord for assistance.
    • Be aware that there are separate files for the hotswap and solder PCBs, and they are not interchangeable. You must use the corresponding file to your type of PCB, or your configurator will display incorrectly.
    • If your keyboard is having issues or not working, please try flashing your PCB before contacting support. If you continue to face issues, feel free to reach out to us or join the Artemis Design Studios Discord for help.

    • Aluminum Top & Bottom case (both based on color choice)
    • Brass weight and knob (both gold or silver PVD-finished based on choice)
    • All necessary hardware such as screws, etc.
    • Adhesive feet
    • Poron gaskets
    • Aluminum or PC plate
    • Hotswap or solder PCB


      Sold and shipped by Vala Supply.

      Designed by Artemis Design Studios →

      Join the Artemis Design Studios Discord for Paragon info here →

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          All product images are subject to slight inaccuracies in color.

          Quality Disclaimer - There shall be no visible markings on external surfaces after the keyboard has been built. There may be blemishes, such as anodization hook marks on internal surfaces. Due to the nature of mirror-polished stainless steel, there may be minor, unavoidable hairline / micro scratches on the mirror finish of the internal steel frame. Brass surfaces may undergo tarnishing over time, and may also have small unavoidable markings as a result.