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KAM Sewing Tin

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In stock! Keycap kits will be listed at a later date.

Group buy was live from November 9th to December 9th 2021.

Estimated to ship in late Q3 2023.


You walk into the kitchen at your favorite relative's house and notice a tin of butter cookies sitting on the counter! Excited, you lift the lid, eager to get a taste of their buttery goodness - only to find a fleet of sewing needles and thread in their place...


KAM Sewing Tin is a creative & beautiful set which plays on the cliché of Danish butter cookie tins being used to store sewing supplies. The set prominently features cute novelties, lowercase alphas, and a vertical gradient topped by a yellow numrow, with very modular & friendly kitting accompanied by stunning collabs and deskmats.

If you aren't sure what kits to get, check out the Sewing Tin Tailor → on the KAM Sewing Tin website →!

  • KAM uniform keycap profile by Keyreative
  • PBT plastic with reverse & standard dye-sub legends & novelties
  • MX switch compatible (includes Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh, etc)
  • Manufacturer minimums are based on total units, rather than per kit, to ensure all kits will get made
  • 🧵 Sewing Tin Bundle - includes the Alphas, TKL Novelty Mods, Yellow Accents, Cookies, and Buttons kits for $15 off! Make sure you never run out of cute icons to use; KAM's uniform profile lets you place them anywhere you want on your board!

The products below may ship early if ordered separately:

  • Extra large (XL) size, 900x400mm (~35.4 x 15.7 inches) with 4mm thickness
  • NEW: Large (L) size available! 600x350mm with 4mm thickness
  • Anti-fray stitched edges
  • High quality cloth top and rubber anti-slip bottom
  • Mellow Yellow: Powder coated yellow brass
  • Brass Gold: Clear coated natural brass
  • Machined aluminum keycap, made in the United States
  • Modified KAM profile
  • Blue cerakote finish with laser engraved sewing tin design
  • Enhanced abrasion, wear, and impact resistance as well as hardness


    Sold and shipped by Vala Supply.

    Designed by minicap →

    Collaborations: CookieCables → and p3d Artisan Box →

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