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KAM Bouquet Switch

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These custom tactile switches are color matched to KAM Bouquet, one of our most popular keycap sets. Bouquet is inspired by the muted, soft tones of dried flowers and draws inspiration from the design language of ikebana (生け花), the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Please note that these switches have some spring ping out of the box since they come unlubed, but testing has shown that applying lube to the tight coils of the springs will remove this ping entirely.

  • Tactile (long-pole)
  • Stem: Pink POM 
  • Top Housing: Light Pink Nylon
  • Bottom Housing: Light Pink Nylon
  • Spring: 60g 3-stage spring
  • PCB mount (5 pin)
  • T1 leaf
  • Unlubed
  • Manufactured by JWK
  • Sold in packs of ten (1 unit = 10 switches)


      Sold and shipped by Vala Supply.

      Designed by Raf and Therese of Adobau Labs →

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