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DSA White on Lilac

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Original group buy was live from January 28th to February 28th 2022.


In the spirit of uniformity this monochrome set blankets your keyboard in a soothing lilac. Feel the calm wash over you after looking down during some heated internet discussion. The smell of lavender fills your office and the stress of someone online misunderstanding your passionate take on keyboard mount technology fades. DSA WoL offers a simple one-kit-wonder of a group buy with basic compatibility from 40s to TKL.

  • DSA profile
  • Uniform sculpt allows you to use keys wherever they fit
  • Low profile and a spherical surface provide a unique typing experience
  • High quality ABS plastic
  • Doubleshot legends that will never fade
  • MX switch compatible (includes Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh, etc)
  • American engineering 


Sold and shipped by Vala Supply.

Designed by halo.

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